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Chinese users are boycotting Steam China, and here is why it is not surprising

After months of talks and wait, Valve Corporation, the American video game developer who runs the world’s largest gaming service Steam, officially got a Chinese vertical. In partnership with Perfect World (完美世界), a Chinese game developer and publisher, Valve signed... Continue Reading →


What happens when Weibo crowdsources censorship?

Almost everyone who reads something about Internet censorship in China have come across such descriptions, “10 Things You Can Say on Chinese Internet” or “The Great Firewall of China is sophisticated and powerful and that the Big Brother is watching... Continue Reading →

The Ugly Truth Behind Huawei and Tencent’s Showdown over User Data Privacy

Almost every China-watcher and ordinary user are excited about artificial intelligent (AI), especially when China announced last month that its grand plan to become the world’s leader in AI by 2030. The country aims to surpass its rivals technologically and... Continue Reading →

CyberChina (170701-0707)

Phishing campaign on Chinese language news sites, information control ahead of 19th Party Congress, Red Army Uniform, WeChat and more.

Where does Chinese Public Intellectuals Voice Out Online? Five Influential Blogging Platforms in China

Short for “weblog,” blog is a periodically updated journal that offers online commentary with minimal or no external editing by any authority figure. Usually, bloggers are not compensated for their writing and do not need to obtain permission from authority... Continue Reading →

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