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Western Union Launched Promotional Campaign for WeChat’s U.S. Users

International companies, including instant messaging giants, are getting more and more interested in learning from WeChat’s success in monetizing its messaging service. While WeChat’s number of oversea MAUs is unclear and it is growing more slowly than Facebook Messenger, it demonstrates stronger abilities to turn messaging and user engagement into cash.


Mafengwo Gives Online Travel Planning a Social Twist

As more Chinese tourists are opting for independent travel over package trips, travel social network Mafengwo is on hand to help them plan their trips, handle logistics when they get there, and most importantly, record their experiences for the world to see.... Continue Reading →

A Day in Life of A Chinese Social Media User

In an earlier LinkedIn post, I provided a brief account of the Chinese social media landscape and listed some of the most popular social media platforms in China these days. As of 2015, there are 659 million active social media users in... Continue Reading →

Three Things to Bear In Mind When Reaching Out to Chinese Market with WeChat and Weibo

Whether it is because of its exceptional entrepreneurship, state support for innovation, or just the sheer giant population base, China undoubtedly has the world’s largest number of Internet users and fastest growing e-commerce markets. We’ve seen a number of successful... Continue Reading →

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