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A Quick Scan of Weibo & WeChat New Privacy Policies

If you have recently updated WeChat/Weixin and Weibo apps, you will get a prompt to read their privacy policies before using the service. I did not get a screenshot of the English version of WeChat's privacy policy but the Chinese-language... Continue Reading →


CyberChina (170709-170714) & Some Thoughts on Liu Xiaobo’s Passing

R.I.P. Liu Xiaobo Liu Xiaobo, China’s first Nobel Peace Prize winner and prominent dissident, died from organ failure at the age of 61 under guard at a Chinese hospital on July 13, less than a month after he was released... Continue Reading →

Diversifying the discourse on Chinese Internet discussion

When Western media talk about the Internet in China, most talk about its repressive feature and the indiscriminate, often unpredictable censorship by the Chinese government. From the crackdown on Big V - influential users who have over tens of thousands... Continue Reading →

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