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China 101

CyberChina (170626-170630)

Liu Xiaobo, Crackdown on VPNs, Tencent's Internationalization Failture and more


China Cyber News At A Glance (170619-170623)

What you need to know about China's crackdown on Weibo's video streaming, and other cyber news last week.

Exactly what policies are regulating China’s live-streaming platforms?

Live-streaming has gained its momentum in China since as early as 2015. It is estimated that there are nearly 200 online live-streaming websites in China, with the total user population of more than 200 million. Popular platforms could have hundreds... Continue Reading →

How difficult is it to obtain the License for running live-streaming platforms in China?

Last week, China's State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television released new regulations over the country's booming live-streaming industry. The new regulations require operators to have the License for Publication of Audio-Visual Programs through Information Network (《信息网络传播视听节目许可证》) in order... Continue Reading →

Western Union Launched Promotional Campaign for WeChat’s U.S. Users

International companies, including instant messaging giants, are getting more and more interested in learning from WeChat’s success in monetizing its messaging service. While WeChat’s number of oversea MAUs is unclear and it is growing more slowly than Facebook Messenger, it demonstrates stronger abilities to turn messaging and user engagement into cash.

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