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The Danger of Rushing into Social Media Laws

Social media laws are often rushed into effect without sufficient review. These quick fixes open up to arbitrary information controls in even democratic countries.


Chinese users are boycotting Steam China, and here is why it is not surprising

After months of talks and wait, Valve Corporation, the American video game developer who runs the world’s largest gaming service Steam, officially got a Chinese vertical. In partnership with Perfect World (完美世界), a Chinese game developer and publisher, Valve signed... Continue Reading →

China, a growing norm-shaper in Internet governance

Thirty years ago, China relied heavily on foreign technologies for its Internet development. Its very first email would not have been sent successfully without the help of experts from Germany’s University of Karlsruhe.   “Across the Great Wall we can... Continue Reading →

What happens when Weibo crowdsources censorship?

Almost everyone who reads something about Internet censorship in China have come across such descriptions, “10 Things You Can Say on Chinese Internet” or “The Great Firewall of China is sophisticated and powerful and that the Big Brother is watching... Continue Reading →

Don’t beat your leader’s record on Fruit Ninja: Tedious publication process and fragmented keyword censorship in Chinese mobile games

China has the world's largest gaming market with an estimated value of over 27.5 billion US$ in 2017 (and the number is still growing). According to CNG, which runs a Chinese video game industry database, Tencent's Honor of Kings alone... Continue Reading →

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