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Western Union Launched Promotional Campaign for WeChat’s U.S. Users

International companies, including instant messaging giants, are getting more and more interested in learning from WeChat’s success in monetizing its messaging service. While WeChat’s number of oversea MAUs is unclear and it is growing more slowly than Facebook Messenger, it demonstrates stronger abilities to turn messaging and user engagement into cash.


How Smart is Wuzhen?

The second World Internet Conference (WIC) is being held from Dec 16 to 18 in Wuzhen, a waterside town in Zhejiang province with a more than 7,000-year history in China. The WIC, founded last year, is part of China’s effort... Continue Reading →

A Day in Life of A Chinese Social Media User

In an earlier LinkedIn post, I provided a brief account of the Chinese social media landscape and listed some of the most popular social media platforms in China these days. As of 2015, there are 659 million active social media users in... Continue Reading →

2 Misconceptions of China’s Internet Industry that Would Kill Your Business

If you are looking for a buzzword that could represents the spirit, business and development of China’s Internet industry or ICTs (information and communication technologies), entrepreneurship is the one. The scale of Chinese startups, the legendary Zhongguancun, the rising Chengdu... Continue Reading →

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