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Life Under An Intranet — A Story for Chinese Users Who May Soon Lose Access To VPNs

Despite the country is surrounded by a festive mood as Chinese New Year is approaching, the Chinese government dropped a bombshell at many China watchers and Internet savvy last Sunday when the nation’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT)... Continue Reading →

Exactly what policies are regulating China’s live-streaming platforms?

Live-streaming has gained its momentum in China since as early as 2015. It is estimated that there are nearly 200 online live-streaming websites in China, with the total user population of more than 200 million. Popular platforms could have hundreds... Continue Reading →


 《纽约客》11日引述朝鲜官方通讯社,指朝鲜军方搁置导弹试射计划是由于“Window 8的问题”。分析人员指这条消息罕见地透露了朝鲜导弹系统的核心运作,直至去年,朝鲜的导弹项目还是基于Windows 95的运作系统。据该报道,朝鲜正试图解决Window 8系统的问题,但没有指出新的导弹试射日程。情报分析人员指,“这意味着导弹试射被无限期搁置。”接近朝鲜高层的消息人士指,金正恩对Win 8系统带来的问题非常愤怒,正在考虑一系列的解决方案,包括向微软“宣战”。 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------APRIL 11, 2013NORTH KOREAN MISSILE TEST DELAYED BY WINDOWS 8POSTED BY ANDY BOROWITZPYONGYANG (The Borowitz Report)—North Korea’s official news agency announced today that the military’s planned missile test had been put on hold because of “problems with... Continue Reading →

Retired rocurator spend 7-yrs finding “actual murderer”: probably another case of miscarriage of justice in China

You may be well familiar with Mr. She Xianglin, a man charged with murdering his wife and sentenced to years of imprisonment for such accusation. Eleven years after his imprisonment, however, his “dead” wife appeared, bringing the wronged conviction into... Continue Reading →

Dead man’s family claims bird flu cover-up by hospital | 上海H7N9死者家属:医院隐瞒病情

Shanghai municipal government holds a news conference about prevention and control on H7N9 bird flu. Photo: Reuters According to South China Morning Post, Wu Demao, father-in-law of Wu Liangliang who died of H7N9 bird flu on March 10 at Shanghai... Continue Reading →

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