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Don’t beat your leader’s record on Fruit Ninja: Tedious publication process and fragmented keyword censorship in Chinese mobile games

China has the world's largest gaming market with an estimated value of over 27.5 billion US$ in 2017 (and the number is still growing). According to CNG, which runs a Chinese video game industry database, Tencent's Honor of Kings alone... Continue Reading →


CyberChina (170717-170721)

It’s been a disconcerting week for China-watchers. From the increased censorship on Chinese Internet due to the passing of Nobel Prize Laureate Liu Xiaobo,  the blocking of Whatsapp’s image/audio/video functions to a more general and large-scale crackdown on VPNs (see... Continue Reading →

CyberChina (170701-0707)

Phishing campaign on Chinese language news sites, information control ahead of 19th Party Congress, Red Army Uniform, WeChat and more.

CyberChina (170626-170630)

Liu Xiaobo, Crackdown on VPNs, Tencent's Internationalization Failture and more

China Cyber News At A Glance (170619-170623)

What you need to know about China's crackdown on Weibo's video streaming, and other cyber news last week.

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