With an ice cold beer in hands,
We sipped the magic liquid in this no man’s land.
Nothing but silence,
maybe sporadic chirrup of birds,
rustling of tamarack trees,
and squeaking of squirrels jumping around.

we’d whisper to each other,
fearing that we startle Nature,
for we human are the intruders here.

And Nature has its own set of rules.
It makes no room for grief, sorrow, regret, or anguish.
It detests greed, sloth, wrath, pride, envy, lust, and gluttony.
No fame, no money, no love, no hate, no fairness should make any difference,
in the face of mountains, forests, and oceans.

“Let go of the uncertainty and agony,
that you were burden with,
from work, from relationships, from society.”
A voice from the woods urged me,
or maybe it is from within my unconscious soul.
“Embrace, instead, your fear and respect for Nature,
the soft and long-hidden animal trapped in your body. “

And it is in here, through such experience,
that we’d realize the meaning of our insignificant, short-lived human life,
that nothing but simplicity and honesty to our self should matter the most.

And it is from here, through such experience,
that we can gather ourselves from Nature,
come back and say out loud,
“Wow, we’ve found truth.”