How difficult is it to obtain the License for running live-streaming platforms in China?

Last week, China’s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television released new regulations over the country’s booming live-streaming industry. The new regulations require operators to have the License for Publication of Audio-Visual Programs through Information Network (《信息网络传播视听节目许可证》) in order to legally run a live-streaming platform. Not only it makes it much more difficult for new players to enter the business, but existing major live-streaming platforms such as Douyu 斗鱼直播 and Panda TV 熊貓TV would not be qualified as operator under the new regulations.

So how difficult is it to obtain the License? Here is a flow chart I made to show the eligibility criteria listed in the new regulations. Note that this is just to determine whether an applicant is eligible to apply. The actual application itself is another tedious process. Good luck to those who wish to get a foot in China’s live-streaming industry.

Determining your eligibility for the License application.png


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