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Censorship is not a solution to internet ills

China’s model of information control is an antithesis of a proper content moderation model.

Quick thoughts on SCMP’s op-ed

Recently the South China Morning Post translated a widely circulated article on Weibo, which argues “Mainland Chinese who oppose Hong Kong’s protests aren’t brainwashed by censorship, despite what the West might think.” According to the author, China’s Great Firewall, a... Continue Reading →

Overview of China’s Key Regulations on Privacy Protection

Despite the relative lack of awareness of privacy protection in China, there is an increasing demand for the protection of personal information among Internet users and by the Chinese government. In this post I outline key regulations, measures and drafting... Continue Reading →

The Danger of Rushing into Social Media Laws

Social media laws are often rushed into effect without sufficient review. These quick fixes open up to arbitrary information controls in even democratic countries.

Chinese users are boycotting Steam China, and here is why it is not surprising

After months of talks and wait, Valve Corporation, the American video game developer who runs the world’s largest gaming service Steam, officially got a Chinese vertical. In partnership with Perfect World (完美世界), a Chinese game developer and publisher, Valve signed... Continue Reading →

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